Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Walt!

Jackson's friend from church, Walt Jones, celebrated his 1st birthday with a swim party. 

 Is this how you greet your friend when you are one?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

11 Months

Our sweet baby is such a little boy now, when did this happen?

Sleeping: Jackson is still a great 12 hour sleeper and taking two naps a day for an hour and a half each time. 

Eating: Still no teeth to speak of so he is still eating pureed food (veggies and fruits) and 4 8 oz bottles a day.  He has tried some of our table food but not enough for a meal.  Loves feeding the dogs his puffs while feeding himself. He had his first sno-cone, brownie, Popsicle and he loved it. 

Playtime: Sticking out his tongue, blowing raspberries, loves being tickled, chasing the dogs around and forcing them to play with him, he will stick their tails into their mouths and then laugh. So cute! He shakes his head "NO" constantly. He loves anything with buttons: cell phones, the TV, receiver, remotes...turns the TV on and off a lot.  Flicking Ryan's bottom lip, flicking door stops, looking at pictures of himself, loves fans and lights. Loves music and will dance at the TV or if his toys play music.  He has rhythm in his soul! :)

Talking: Still da-da is said a lot but only the ma-ma sound when he is really sad.  We swear he says "dog", "Wha?" (what?), "yeah". I am trying to teach him the monkey sound.

Mobility: He is a very fast crawler so we have to keep all  the doors closed because he can disappear quickly.  He can pull up on anything and will creep along furniture.  He is standing on his own for a good while before plopping on his bottom.  He goes to the TV and media stand to open and close the door and pulls out all Ryan's games and controllers, I don't think he has played with his toys in a few days.

Health/Wellness: No teeth... Ryan hopes they are there somewhere.  He has been cranky the past few days from a stuffy/runny nose and hopefully from teething. He had his first bruise on his cheek but it only lasted a day. He weighs 26 pounds and is in 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

Outings: Went to East Texas, Galveston Family Vacation, Visit to Future Best Friend Cole Fried at 1 week old.

Everyone says he looks just like his dad but has my attitude! I love all his faces and expressions. He is super friendly with everyone, he is starting to wave at strangers and tries to get their attention if they are not looking at him.  He will let anyone hold him and is still the most easygoing baby I know. 
Only 4 more weeks till we have a 1 year old baby boy, where has the time gone.  We love that boy more and more each day, he is the center of our world.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cole Friend!

Jackson and I got to make a recent trip to Houston to see friend Cole Fried when he was 4 weeks old. 

Jackson loved playing with Cole, but we are not too sure what Cole thought of him!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1st injury

It was bound to happen since Jackson is such a daredevil these days, trying to walk before his little legs know whats going on! He fell into the window sill in my bathroom. I was there but no fast enough to break his fall.  It left a mark!

Just because

He is already going through my drawers, yikes!

Loving Longview!

We finally got to take a much needed Longview trip this past weekend and got to see my grandmother, mother, Ryan's mother and grandmother.  Jackson was loved on tons and was a trooper in the car.  He slept for only an hour of the 3.5 hour trip and the rest of the time was spent talking to us and laughing deliriously because he was so tired.  We also go to eat at T. Blanco's, so good, we recommend the jalapeno dipping sauce (just like Chuy's)

He loved looking at Mom Ruth's pictures in her coffee table!


He was able to take his nap at Mom Ruth's house for 2.5 hours, so glad this worked!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Galveston 2011

 Jackson got to visit the beach for the first time while we took a family trip to our wonderful friends, the Napela's, beach house.He took to the water so well and he was so brave, crawling in the waves and sand.

He was very attached to Ya-Ya, crawling past us and straight to her everytime.

It was so sweet seeing all of the cousins together, they will be great friends.

Sassy Clarey (3)

Those glasses are Oh So Cute but didn't last long
Jackson (10 months)

Sweet Campbell (1) with Ya-Ya

We took a trip to Moody Gardens Rainforest

All the boys: Jackson (10 months), Campbell (1), and Carter (5)

We ate Dinner at Willy G's  near the strand overlooking the water. 
Fun times were had by all.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Welcome to the world Cole Fried

   Jackson got to meet his future best friend, Cole Fried, for the first time.  It was so much fun getting together with our sweet friends and new parents of this beautiful baby boy.  We look forward to seeing them grow up together.

Then we ate dinner at our favorite Red Robin in Houston before
heading home from our wonderful Galveston vacation.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July Weekend

We spent another hot hot hot day at Canton Trades Days with the cousins (aka our version of a family reunion).  Elizabeth was the big winner with a kitchen table which made it successfully back to Waco!

Jackson got to take his first dip in the big swimming pool and he loved it, he lounged and played for over an hour! I wish we had daily access to a pool, it was so wonderful!

He loved watching his cousins being tossed around in the pool and bringing him toys to play with. 

We are headed to Galveston in a few days for his first trip to the beach.  We will see how much he enjoys sand in his pants!

We went to JJ's for our 4th of July snocones

Then we went to see our Tilly friend for her 1st birthday.