Sunday, May 27, 2012

18 Month Pictures

Cousin Weekend

Campbell (2 1/2) and Jackson (21 months) had a great cousin weekend in College Station.  Playing outside, dinner at Chuy's, chasing puppies and lots of Ya-Ya time...they wore each other out.  I cannot wait to watch these sweet boys grow up together.

20-21 months

20 months

Scraped his knee 2xs in the same spot
Officially a BOY not a baby
Says "Shoe"
1st time with bronchitis for a week
Lots of attitude
First bite from Cooper, mistaken for food
Loves outside
I still sing buttercup song from three amigos and goodnight sweetheart from 3 men and a baby to him nightly
Sleeps with polar bear nightly and sometimes wants him more than Froggie
Almost lost first Froggie at academy but I went back and it and it was in the parking lot where we left it
Drinks from straws
Throws temper tantrums in public
He sleeps all night but will wake up a few hours after he goes to bed crying a few times a week and I get to cuddle and rock him back to sleep
Bedtime 9-10pm and sleeps 12 hours, 2-3 hr afternoon nap
Loves playing with matchbox cars and his name train
Hates to have diaper changed and teeth brushed
Still has the best laugh in the world and loves to be tickled and chased
He adores his daddy

21 months

Bye daddiee!
Trying to say "see you later"
Ate ketchup in his fries for the first time, dipped himself
Eating much more in general
Makes animal noises: lion, monkey, snake, dog, cat, bear