Sunday, May 29, 2011

Clarey babysits Jackson

When Ryan and I went to Universal Studios Clarey and Ya-Ya came to keep Jackson and as far as I can tell he loved having cousin Clarey to play with and didn't miss us a bit. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

9 months

Sleeping: He is sleeping around 10-12 hours at night with 1-2, 1.5 hour naps during the day

Eating: 4 Bottles 8 oz each, fruits and veggies, loves pears, not into table food yet, he wants to inspect everything that I want him to try and does not put anything into his mouth accept his finger and froggie. Not taking well to sippy cups yet, will drink water from a plastic bottle or an open mouth glass of ours, he gets really excited and wants more!

Activity: Still loves his jumper more than all other toys, but we circuit him on his floor mat, exersaucer and the jumper. Loves to play with straws when we go out to eat, he will try to take the one out of your cup if he gets close enough.  Will rollover in middle of bottle, diaper, and clothes change, hard to keep him still.  He started clapping his hands and is very proud of himself 6/7/11.

Health/Wellness: 23.3 pounds- 75%, height- 75%, head- over 95%.  Has been teething but no teeth yet, never been sick (knock on wood)

Mobility: He can get anywhere by rolling, can get onto all 4's and rock and scoot some but not crawling yet (he started crawling everywhere by 6/10/11), he also can pull himself up onto his knees on almost anything (6/6/11)

Language: Lots of DA-DA's and lots of other syllables, he knows his name when we call it, he only stays still when I sing to him, and he smiles and sometimes makes singing noises too

Events/Outings: He was kept at our house by all grandparents while we went to Universal Studios Orlando with Ryan's work for 4 days (it was the first time we left him overnight).

He loves to flirt with girls when we go out and everyone comments on his super cute cheeks! He is such an easy, good natured baby and we have people ask to babysit him because he is so good.  We think he is perfect and I am still loving my time at home with him! I feel so blessed to be with him all the time and to watch him grow and learn on a daily basis.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cousin Logan Graduates!

Cousin Logan graduated from Baylor and the whole family was there to celebrate with him! Even Jackson got a Baylor campus photoshoot.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ya-Ya's DIY Project

Ryan and I tackled a large DIY project at Ya-Ya's house this weekend. Replacing her old sliding door that leaked bugs and cold air with beautiful french doors! We demoed the door around 7PM and had the replacement door in and insulated by 1AM, the next morning we put up the molding and finished it off! Ryan is so proud of how it turned out and Ya-Ya was thrilled to have the privacy and insulation!


I am always amazed at how talented my husband is and his desire to always keep learning gives me the desire to learn from him.  I will forever be his faithful assistant. On to the next project!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ladies Man

We got to go to an Aggie Baseball game courtsey of The Gholson's and all Jackson wanted to do was flirt with the row of college girls behind us.  We have a charmer on our hands and with those chubby cheeks no girl can resist him!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My first Mothers Day

I had a wonderful first Mothers Day with my own mother, first born and husband! Ryan and Jackson surprised me early with this awesome footprint plate that was handmade by my two boys. I love love it! Ryan was so proud of himself, as he should have been.

Love this innocent face!

The boys also gave me a James Avery Birthstone ring.

Ya-Ya loved her mug with a pic of all her grandchildren on it!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

8 months

I have to say that I am loving this age, how responsive he is to me, thinks that I am hysterical and how he loves his Momma!  I am very very lucky to be at home with him everyday as Ryan provides for our family.  I want to cry just thinking about if I had to go to work and leave this precious miracle.  Time is surely flying by and Jackson is getting cuter every day!  Here are some things that I want to remember about this past month...

(we did have this sleeper in 0-3 months but loved it so much we
bought it in 12-18 months, if anyone noticed, thanks Jenny and Lucas!)
  • Started making a very sad continuous whimpering sound ALOT (not sure if it is tooth related)
  • Blows raspberries with or without food in his mouth (freaks the dogs out!)
  • Can feel a very small but sharp part of tooth coming in on bottom
  • His "big boy" hair is coming in
  • Will push up onto all fours and rock but then pushes himself backwards until he hits a wall
  • Still very ticklish (neck, back, sides/ribs)
  • Still has the cutest chunk cheeks and I hope he never looses them!
  • Favorite toy- Jumper that attaches in the doorway, he can do this for an hour
    • Twice he has jumped so much that his poop squeezed out onto the floor, then he proceeded to jump in that as well. Thank goodness for hardwood floors!
  • Started riding in the buggies in stores and high chairs out to eat
  • Let him lick my yogurt and he loved it (I only let him do this once!)
  • Very laid back and happy most of the time but must have your attention
  • Has a laugh that lights up my world
  • Touches everything with his pointer finger, he likes details (screws, jewelry, monograms, your face)
  • Eating 4 8oz bottles of formula every 4 hours and still loves his veggies and fruits
  • Drank water from a cup pretty well

  • Sleeping all night 9-9
  • Still hates a dirty diaper and stays pretty constipated (BM every other day)
  • 1st Easter (In Waco with Ya-Ya and the cousins)
  • 1st Royal wedding watching on TV (Prince William and Catherine Middleton)