Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Warriors!!!

This weekend we finished the decor for the nursery and it did take us ALL weekend!

This room started off a sponge painted yellow when we moved in last summer and as soon we found out it was a boy we started looking for the perfect shade of blue.

These stripes took us about 6 hours to put up all around the room! We used a laser level to keep things straight.
Putting the wooden blinds up was my favorite part of the day because of the harsh hot sunlight that keep this room steaming! We also painted and put up chair railing over the wainscoting to complete the room.

Final project complete! The bedding is from Pottery Barn that we have been eyeing before we even knew we were going to have a boy!

We are so excited to have this project complete! It seems to much more real now and I love to go in there and imagine where everything else is going to be. Ryan and is still working on the dresser and the rocking chair needs to be re-painted.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ryan's latest projects

Ryan has been working hard for weeks to create a nursery dresser from scratch. He has impressed me to no end and what talents he possesses. He is making it out of maple and we are going to put a dark stain on it. It is modeled after a dresser that I love in Pottery Barn but of course was 700 dollars and he guarantees me that he can make it for 250 or less. Time will tell. This is his first major wood working project and I have all confidences that it is going to be beautiful.

This is the current stage of the dresser and I am proud to say that after weeks of Ryan's prep work today was the first day that I stayed in the garage to help him glue, clamp, and move around the dresser.

This is the toy box that Ryan made for the nursery. It has slow release hinges so no little fingers get smashed. I hope to also make a cushion top for it to use as a window seat in the nursery. I am so proud of Ryan's first baby room project! It turned out great.

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's a BOY!!!!

We have made it to 19 weeks and we finally got to see our baby again! It is confirmed that it is a BOY and we are so excited about this. I have been guessing it was a boy from the day we got pregnant and pretty much everyone else that I know guessed a boy as well. We are naming him Jackson after my grandfather Jack Rhodes. I am so happy that I get to pass along my grandfathers wonderful legacy to my son (he will have big shoes to fill :). I am half way through the pregnancy, but this is the fun part, decorating his room, buying clothes...etc...
This is a great profile pic of him with his hand by his face. During the sonogram he was moving around a lot so I am glad we caught him being still for once. Ryan and I had planned on waiting to tell our parents a week after the appointment in person, but by 7PM that night we were too excited to wait. We met my parents at Hearne with a blue and pink sonic drink and made them guess the sex then we told them which one it was. On our way home we called Ryan's parents, my grandmother Mom Ruth, and Ryan's brother and sis-in-law. I was able to tell my brother and sis-in law the next morning and everyone was surprised. I would have loved to see all their faces but it was too much pressure to keep this secret.

Let the shopping and decorating commence!