Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's a party!

Jackson had a wonderful nautical theme 1st birthday party at home with his favorite friends and family.  He could not nap before his party, but he caught a 2nd wind when all his favorite people arrived for the party.  We grilled burgers and hot dogs, had lots of cake and opened so many fun presents.  He was a trooper and let everyone love on him.  Ryan and I are so blessed by so many great friends and family and appreciate all of you for being there for our sweet baby boy!  Here is a selection of pictures to help us remember this special day!

 Momma and Dada woke him up with some birthday hugs and kisses!

Dad made Jackson birthday pancakes! Yum yum!

He was so happy all day!

 4 Generations of Hooks Men

4 Generations

Jackson loves his cousins (this is a rare moment that they did all on their own!)

I made sure to stay in the moment and enjoy my sweet boy on this wonderful day.

YA-YA and her gang!

Happy Birthday to you! We were able to sing to him at 12:28PM, the time of his birth.

Smash Cake!

Fun for us but not for him!

Braveheart! (or a smurf)

Uncle Brandon with Madilyn (2) and Noah (6 months)

The cousins made Jackson cards

He loved watching his cousins get so excited about his presents!

We gave him this super cute pottery barn chair, he loves to lounge!

In the sandbox without the sand!

Party Favors- M&M Sugar Cookies from The Butcher Shop Longview, TX

Stationery Card

Sweet Sailing Birthday Invitation
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12 months

The month of one thousand laughs
Jackson has become such a jokester. He now tries to scare us like we do to him and when he gets the giggles (which is multiple times daily) he can belly laugh for quite a while. It really is the best sound that I have ever heard. When he is delirious his laughs are continuous and we can just look at him and he cracks up. He has become shyer this month as well when he meets someone new, he will hide his face and give a shy smile. But after a short time when he has warmed up he is back to flirting and "talking"to his new friend.

Sleeping: Still a great sleeper all night with the usual 2 naps a day, if we have to skip a nap then he seems fine to go without the afternoon nap.
Eating: He still takes 4 bottles of formula daily with pureed food, puffs and some table food (rice, turkey, bread, bananas, crab, and halibut). Drinks water from sippy cup, open mouth cup or a water bottle. He started holding his own bottle so I can take it in the car!

Playtime: Loves to crawl into the doggie bed with Cooper, crawling to the recipe books in the kitchen. He has learned to shake his head "no" but also does this when he is tired and we call it "go crazy" time if hyper. He loves when we shake our heads at him and he will imitate it back. He actually drew with a crayon on a sheet of paper for the first time, mimicking us (even though he tried to eat the blue crayon several times first).
Health/Wellness: Height- 31 inches 88th%, Weight- 26 pounds 86th%,
Head Circumference- 49.5- 99th%
No teeth
He had a runny nose for about 4 days, which he gave to us.

Language: He seems to have very lengthy conversations with us in a language we do not understand.  He says Ga-Ga a lot.  Uses "Whaaa" for what, like he is asking a question.  Still says a version of "dog" when he sees one.  Learning what a monkey and lion look like and he responds when I make the animal sound.  Even shaping his mouth in an "O" when I make the monkey noise.  He watched PBS for the first time and Yo Gabba Gabba on TV, he can watch for 5-10 minutes before getting restless.
Outings: He has been a trooper when we interrupt his nap schedule to go shopping in Houston, he rarely fusses, just get delirious. He has enjoyed his first babysitter, Andee, a student at TAMU so we can go on dates.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My very own chalkboard

Ryan and I built our very own chalkboard sandwich board.  I can't wait to use it for Jackson's 1st Birthday Party!

The Great Escape