Thursday, January 29, 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ice skating with friends

Today we attempted to take the big kids ice skating.  It has been a long time for me and I am terrible. Jackson had so much fun with his friends but I don't think we have an aspiring ice hockey player on our hands.
Jackson and Addison...sweet and funny friends

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Zoo day

The beautiful sun finally came out so we headed outside to the zoo and had a wonderful day. Jackson's favorite thing now is to feed the giraffes. He did a great job all by himself.

Weston skipped his nap and pushed through the day like a champ. He pointed to every animal and really seemed to get it for the first time.
Jackson insisted we all ride the carousel before we left and so we did.

I love making family memories like these.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Weston is 18 months

Head- 49 cm- 88th %
Weight- 28 lbs- 90th %
Length- 32.5 inches- 51% (this one could be wrong) 

This is his new silly laugh with scrunch face

He even has a fake laugh, used when he sees someone else laugh.
Attached to dad so much so that if dad is around then I am not allowed to hold him, strongest around 15-18 months, he finally let me hold him more after he turned 18 months.
Loves to read especially books with sounds
Loves being chased, screams with thrill
He's a screamer...happy, mad, sad...he screams at a very high pitch
Starting to be very vocal and chatty...will have real words yet 
Loves to throw bones for cooper to chase 

Words: no, Momma, Dada, shoe???

Aggressor towards Jackson, pulls hair, throws toys...he has had a few time outs for these issues...
Jackson's shadow, he thinks he's a big boy 
Great cuddler before bed and will sing "Goodnight Sweetheart" with me. He will cuddle and fall asleep on us when it's bed time, in his room, with his noise machine on.

Needy and wants to be held a lot...usually when I am cooking dinner...trying to get dressed...or otherwise busy.
Can climb on beds, couches and chairs
Will try to eat pretty much anything once.  Such a better eater than Jackson was/is.

On December 11th he threw a temper tantrum to the point of passing out. It was super scary for mom and dad but once we found out that it was pretty normal for strong willed children to pass out sometimes we handled it better. 

He also had his first seizure on December the car...I saw him from the rear view mirror and he wasn't crying this time. He seized and passed out in just a matter of seconds. I drove him the ER and we got normal results on his EKG and blood work. We are considering taking him to a pediatric neurologist but have since thought his seizure may be related to a possible fever from an ear infection I didn't know he had. Febrile seizures are pretty common in young children and the will grow out of them. 

Both instances happened within 4 days of each other so we were extra freaked out even if they may not be related. 

Weston is such a delight and fun little brother.  Always keeping us on our toes and is turning out to be a great buddy for Jackson.  I love being a mother of 2 sweet boys and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cotton Bowl

Baylor started off so strong but lost by one point to Michigan State in the last few seconds. Such a heartbreaker. 
Yaya, Carter, and Brandon attended the bowl game in Arlington at Cowboy Stadium.